Our Team

Ginger Allen

CEO/Business Development Consultant

How It All Started

I was born on an American Military base in Germany and travelled extensively growing up. When my Father retired from the Military, he started a construction company and this became my first job. My Mother owned an antiques/gift shop and I worked there as well. Having two entrepreneurial parents made me who I am today.

My Experience

My First Business

My first business was launched when I was 20 years old. It was a mobile espresso trailer that I had parked in an auto mall and used for events such as the Toys for Tot’s run. At the same time, I also worked in Hospitality to help fund my business start up. Hospitality taught me so much about customer service, handling multiple responsibilities and overall business operations. I worked and managed some of the best restaurants in Miami and enjoyed it very much.

My Real Estate Experience

In 2000 I got my Real Estate License and went to work for Builder/Developers in Miami. I was very successful and did over 50 million in personal sales in 5 years. In 2005 started my own company, Ocean Trust Realty. At the height of my company I had 18 Real Estate agents working for me.

The real estate market was in turmoil in 2009 and this led me to seek out another type of business.

My Journey Into Medical

In 2009 I became a partner in a biomedical supply company in Florida. We were selling medical supplies to the Federal Government. This was my first venture into the medical world and dealing with the Federal Government. I was involved in every aspect of setting up the business. Being subjected to all the rules, regulations and contracting requirements. It also involved seeking out and setting up distributor relationships. This was a tremendous learning experience.

It took almost 2 years to set up and one of our first contracts was an award for 1.2 million.

My Medical & Legal Experience

In 2012, I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. My first job in Las Vegas was Marketing Director for a large Radiology group. It was a good way to learn the Las Vegas Market and Medical Marketing in general.

In 2013, I started a Personal Injury Division for the Radiology group and this taught me about Law Practices, how they operate and how they build their businesses. To this day the company has a strong Personal Injury division.

The first Med/Legal event I promoted and organized had 215 attendees and had a great mix of both Doctors and Attorneys.

Launching Your Marketing Liaison

In 2014, I opened Your Marketing Liaison, specializing in business development consulting and marketing services for businesses, health care practices, and law practices.

Today I have a successful marketing services business in the Las Vegas area where we assist business owners, doctors, and attorneys in practical and proven ways to strengthen their reputation and grow their businesses and practices.

My business philosophy has always been focused on treating my customers right and making their success my priority. I love helping my clients build their businesses.

I look forward to helping you build your business too!

Adriana Arévalo
Media, Communications and PR Consultant

Adriana Arévalo is a Colombian journalist with a Bachelor Degree in Communications and Journalism from the prestigious Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. She has more than 22 years of experience in local, national and international media.

Adriana was the News Director for Univision Nevada for more than 9 years. At the end of 2015, she started her own consulting firm and began to work in politics and civic engagement campaigns.

She worked as Communications and Outreach Strategist for the Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign in the states of Nevada, Washington, and California. Finishing her job at the presidential campaign she accepted the role as Communications Director for NextGen Climate Nevada, an advocacy organization focused on informing, educating and empowering the Millennial Vote around climate change issues, during the last election cycle.

She helps clients and businesses in the development and implementation of Social Media platforms, Public Relations, and internal and external communication strategies.

Adriana’s vast experience in newsrooms allows her to know how to develop a concept, pitch a story and look for the best angle to deliver your message. She is well known in the media community of Nevada, not only for her tenure at Univision, but also for her work during the recent election cycle.

Her 10 Regional Emmy Awards for outstanding performance as Writer, Executive Producer, and Reporter, as well as the Congressional Recognitions for her contributions to different civic engagement campaigns, show why Adriana Arevalo is one of the most prominent Latino figures in the Media industry of the State of Nevada.

Nyla Christian
Business Development

Nyla’s 25 years as a Las Vegas resident gives her the unique ability to understand the dynamics of our ever-expanding local market. As an accomplished sales and marketing strategist, Nyla works to strengthen your market presence by building progressive strategies to assist clients in building brand identity.

Bringing over 15 years marketing and business development experience to YML clients, she relates her background in real estate and advertising to successfully determining sales trends. Nyla is consistently creating bridges between client and community to build and strengthen development solutions. Her creativity, enthusiasm, and attention to detail are just a few of the qualities Nyla brings to our package.

Nyla enjoys her time playing guitar, dancing salsa, and proudly engineering the future world-changing career of her most important accomplishment- her son, often noted as her “Sun”, Niko. It’s been said that he thinks she’s a pretty cool mom and shares his Spotify playlist with her…most of the time.

Mindy Tatti
Social Media & Field Marketing Rep

Mindy Tatti is a Content Manager by day and loving Mother by night, wait no, all the time! A Mother of two and Bonus Mother of three.

Originally from a small town in Ohio, Mindy grew up on a horse and dairy farm with great ethics instilled from a young age. She graduated with honors from Kaplan University with a Paralegal Sciences degree.

Being active and creative are part of Mindy’s everyday routine. She loves Pilates and relaxing Sundays. Fashion, Style and helping others are her true passions. Mindy believes strongly in life balance.

Mindy prides herself on attention to details, building relationships and using common sense. She cares for each and every one of her clients whole-heartedly.

As part of our Marketing Services Team in the Las Vegas area, Mindy helps manage our clients’ social media accounts and is also one of our field marketing representatives.

Christoff J. Weihman

Customer Service & Hospitality Expert

Christoff J. Weihman is a speaker, author, trainer, five star customer service and hospitality expert. He is also the President of ASPIRE Enterprises.

Throughout his career, Christoff has served in various capacities with different organizations, including many years in Sales & Business Development as well as Staffing and Recruiting.

Christoff assists businesses in elevating their service to customers to the next level. He does this by helping to equip and empower people to passionately deliver WOW! Customer Service & Hospitality.

Christoff believes that regardless of the type of business or industry, 5 Star Service should always be the goal!

“Every customer that comes into your place of business deserves to receive 5 Star Service. Every customer should be greeted and treated as if they are a VIP…Because they are. Every customer service professional, if they have the right internal components, and are provided with the proper tools and training, can be equipped to consistently deliver WOW! Service.”

Christoff is a life-long learner, an avid reader, and passionate about personal development. Recently he founded the Las Vegas Chapter of the National Customer Service Association (NCSA) and serves as the President/Chief Service Elevater.

Marcela Nelson
Marketing Consultant

Marcela was born and raised in Mexico and received her Bachelor’s degree in Communications in 2009.

While in college Marcela worked as a wedding photographer before launching her own bridal magazine, Boda Vida, in 2010. She was the creative force behind the magazine and also handled many other responsibilities, including sales and marketing. Her bridal magazine was sold and she relocated to Las Vegas in 2015.

In the present, Marcela feels grateful to be doing what she loves the most: working as a marketing consultant for Your Marketing Liaison in the Las Vegas area and, on the weekends, busy working as a wedding photographer.

Sue Cockburn, Growing Social Biz
Online Marketing Specialist

Sue has 30+ years of business experience. Her background includes sales and marketing, communications, creative content development, social media management, website design and management. She is also a small business marketing consultant for a self-employment agency in her area.

Sue (Growing Social Biz) provides social media marketing and management services as well as website design and management services for our Las Vegas Marketing Services clients.

Our team have decades of collective sales and marketing experience. Our goal is to provide “Affordable Marketing” to help you achieve your business goals. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you!

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