YML Social Media platforms

Content marketing, social media, and blogging can be overwhelming for all kinds of businesses, not to mention law firms and medical practices.

In fact, our clients often ask us “what are the most important social media platforms for our business?” Three social networks come to mind as important for most businesses: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

For many, if not most businesses, social media marketing seems like a daunting task,  Yet in today’s digital world, it is often key to having a thriving practice or business.

When it comes to law firms, medical practices, and small businesses, an active presence on social media means more traffic to your website. With time, it should also translate into new clients through the increased exposure to your business!

The more people who are exposed to your business brand in a positive way, including through your website and social media, the better.

Previously, we shared simple tips to use in your overall marketing.  Social media strategies were the backbone of that list, and for good reason. Social media, done well, helps build exposure to your business.

Here are three important social media platforms to consider for your law firm or medical practice, or for any small business.

Social Media Platform #1: Facebook

If you’re not on Facebook, we can help get you set up and active on this important platform. The whole goal of marketing, whether it’s online or not, is to build brand awareness with your target audience. Facebook is a great way to do this because it allows your practice or business to interact with the community.

When posting on your Facebook page there should be a consistent voice and personality that gives followers and future clients an idea of what your business is all about.  Are you a buttoned-up, all business type of firm or a more laid back, family-oriented practice?

Not sure what to share? As an industry expert share your knowledge, current events related to your business, informational videos, blog posts, upcoming promotions. The possibilities really are endless.  The key is to share content that is interesting, valuable, useful and/or inspirational to the target audience you are working to reach.

To put the opportunity into perspective when it comes to Facebook, on a monthly basis, there are more than a billion active users.  That’s billion, with a b! Worldwide, there are roughly 1.7 billion users!

Social Media Platform #2: Twitter

The enigma that is Twitter.  Many “don’t get” this social media giant, but much like Facebook, it provides another way to connect with your local community. In particular, the business community. And those in business need your medical, legal or other services too!

Twitter allows you to have an ear to the ground and hear things like what current clients are saying about your practice and the problems or questions potential clients have.

If you think of Twitter as a listening tool then it’s easier to understand.  Share information and links, your own website or others, that would be interesting to the audience you hope to reach. Answer questions, or ask your own questions to increase engagement.

Short little snippets of thought-provoking information are all that’s necessary.  Include insights on trending industry topics, legal/medical updates and technology advancements in your field.  Connect with business leaders and major influencers on Twitter. Their engagement with your tweets can be hugely helpful.

Social Media Platform #3: LinkedIn

Another listening tool, LinkedIn allows you to engage with like-minded leaders in your industry. This is also where future and potential clients do research on your firm or practice.

On LinkedIn share original material, such as articles you’ve written or your thoughts on particular topics, and interesting content from outside sources. This helps others recognize you as knowledgeable and interesting in your field.

Being involved in LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your business provides a place for you to offer your expertise and knowledge. Sharing and engaging with other users in relevant groups helps build your network and your influence.

Still scratching your head about this whole social media thing? We’re here to help!

Contact us today to schedule a meeting and see how we can get your medical practice, law practice or business on the social media map!