team building

“Be a team player.”

It’s a sentiment we’ve heard since childhood, and all these years later it still rings true.

Think of your business as a team sport.  As a business owner, you get to choose your “players” just as a coach recruits his (or hers!).  In order for everything to come together and flow properly, everyone must work together as a team.

One way to help create this cohesive environment is to participate in team building activities with your employees.  We here at Your Marketing Liaison realize the importance of this underrated idea and have seen first hand the massive success it can cultivate.

If you’re not completely sold yet, here are five reasons team building is so important to your business.

1. Motivation

The most valuable asset you have is your employees, and it goes without saying that happy employees make for hard-working employees.  The more comfortable your employees are when it comes to expressing their ideas or opinions, the more confident they will be.

Confidence leads to increased motivation and the will to take on new challenges.  And a motivated team is a successful team, no doubt.

2. Communication

Morale-boosting activities that create discussions amongst employees open up the communication lines.  Barriers are broken down and office/work relationships will improve when people are able to communicate more effectively.

3. Creation

Exposing your team to new experiences and challenges together will encourage them to think outside the box.  Team building exercises force everyone to work together which ignites creativity and fresh ideas.  This new sense of creation is then brought back to the work space.

4. Trust

Obviously a biggie.  The more a team trusts each other and their leader (that’s you) the higher quality of work it will ultimately produce.  Often times there can be a disconnect between management and employees.  Team building activities allow the two to connect and for the leaders to be viewed as colleagues rather than a just boss.

5. Fandom

Yes, you read that right, fandom… “the state or condition of being a fan of someone or something.”  When a team of employees and leaders work together seamlessly and happily, customers/clients can sense that.  A healthy work environment is very evident to those on the outside and instills confidence in their choice of you as an attorney, physician, or whatever your business may be.  Customers who become stark raving fans are going to drive even more business your way.

Bottomline, teamwork is essential to a thriving business, no matter the industry.  It’s easy to get caught up in running your business, besides you’ve got a job to do, right!  So leave the other “stuff” to the experts at Your Marketing Liaison.  Contact our office today to see what our team can do for yours.

In the meantime, tell us about your own team building efforts… both the successes and the not-so successful ones.