There is a lot more to the working day for a PR agent that meets the eye. It is the job of your PR agent to make your life as easy as possible, to get you the most bang for your buck, offer you the most support available to you during press events and make it seem effortless. Meanwhile they are running around wildly making sure everything is perfect for you.

My PR Manger and I manage a lot of accounts. This means we are juggling a lot of things all the time for our clients. One of the most important things we start with is relationship building. Here at Your Marketing Liaison we have relationships with the press and reporters that go back years. Its these relationships that help us craft you the perfect story and find the best suited publications to promote your business, brand and services. For us to maintain these connections we have to do our own personal leg work by taking reporters out to lunch, grabbing them a coffee or dropping off bunt-cakes at their office – all as a way to keep them happy and receptive to new articles and editorials.

Another thing that most people seem to forget about Public Relations is the sheer volume of write that needs to be done. My PR team will write and research the article, which will then be sent of to the reporter or maybe an editor and this needs to be vetted before publication. This ideally needs to catch the reporters eye and deliver value to the publication so the editor will green light it. The best way to help with that is writing it in a style they are familiar with and matching it to the audience that is best suited for that story. We need to make sure that the article is in AP style to help the reporter and save precious time – the easier we can make it for the publisher the more likely they will run the piece and more likely they are to trust us in future.

Photographers and Videographers are important to amplify your message. Nothing better than a cool video or an eye catching picture to send to the TV station, website owner or print media supplier. This is where we jump in and help make sure you are ready to be on air, are prepared for what you need to say, what you need to look like and importantly how to nail it on the first attempt. A great looking media piece could be used over and over, but most importantly could be the launching pad for the next big shift in your business or products future success.