Let’s Start with Facebook for Business

With more than 2.7 billion active users, Facebook is an important social media marketing platform for small business

A business page on Facebook offers a no-cost opportunity to share not only basic information but highlights, specials, sales, activities, and events.

Your business Facebook page is a FREE web page that not only allows interaction with your local ad extended market, but also increases your online presence. So, your business will show up more in online searches when current and potential shoppers are looking for your products or services.

A Facebook business page is a free web page that companies can build on Facebook to expand their internet presence. Like a personal Facebook profile, your Facebook business page can send and receive messages, post updates, get notifications, and like, comment, and share other Facebook users’ and pages’ content.

With a little planning and creativity, your business Facebook page can be a beneficial reflection of what you–uniquely–have to offer.

A Quick How-To for your Facebook Page

1-Start with the Basics. . name, address, phone number, website, and a brief description of what you do. Fill in as many sections of the Facebook profile that are applicable. Use lots of images and graphics.

2-Target your audience. Who is your sought after (perfect) customer? Age? Gender? Interests? Take these factors into consideration when planning the colors and images you use on your page.

3-Be sure to link your Facebook page with your Website! And ensure you have a way for customers to message and/or email you with questions or concerns from both your Facebook page AND your website. (No one wants to hold o a phone call!). Assign a company staff member to review and respond to Facebook messages daily. Remember to address these questions in your general posts–a question from one customer is likely a question many more are asking. These messages are ALL opportunities!


As always, the YML Team would be delighted to assist! We can help you design a winning website, and link it to all your social media platforms.