Marketing, Why Is It Important?

Why Is Marketing Important? - There is no point in planning a wedding if you never invite the guests.... and the same goes for your business. For you to succeed in business you need to let people know how good you are and what services you offer, with QUALITY...

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How Many Touches Does It Take To Make A Sale?

Take a look at any marketing-related blog these days and it seems like everyone wants to know, how many touches does it take to make a sale? Many people seem to be referencing Doctor Jeffrey Lant, and his "Rule of Seven". This rule states: "You must contact your...

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2 Free Online Tools To Help Market Your Business

These two free online tools and resources can help you manage and grow your business. Each offers a premium (paid) version as well as a free one. The free version offers most everything a needed to get started. For some, the premium or paid version may be needed. But,...

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Why You Need A Business Website

It Used To Be The Yellow Pages, Now It’s Your Small Business Website It wasn’t that long ago that the first place consumers went for general information about your business or products was the Yellow Pages. They couldn’t find detailed information and pricing about...

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Facebook For Business: Is It Worth It?

Many businesses struggle with Facebook for business and wonder: “Is Facebook really worth it?” They struggle before they create their Facebook Page and shortly after they create one, once the reality of the challenges of reaching potential customers on Facebook sinks...

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