Email marketing is an effective method of marketing your business.  It’s an important component in any business’ digital marketing.

Email marketing helps you keep in touch, and stay front of mind.–which also helps ensure your business will “be there” when customers make their buying decisions.

Creating a successful email marketing campaign for your business means more than just collecting patient email addresses and sending them info.

Planning campaigns by age, interest, product and/or service can increase the success of your email marketing efforts.

Choose an email blast service that allows you to save your lists in multiple segments. You will need your total list, for general info such as new items, updates, changes in hours, sales, promotions, holiday info and to address some personal aspect of your customers–for example, monthly birthday lists.

You may also want to create lists that address additional components.

Age, special interest, special needs, geographic (ie, zip code), preferences, and even gender.

Since over half of all emails are now retrieved via cell phone, you’ll also want to ensure your email blast service is mobile-friendly!

Other aspects to consider are:

Choosing an email blast service that provides templates–for example a newsletter template, where you can update all info about your business (seasonal items, sales, etc). You can change up the colors and illustration for each newsletter, so customers know with a quick glance they are receiving new info. Do be aware, too much is often as unproductive as not enough.  A monthly newsletter is most likely a good rule of thumb!

Other useful templates can include SALE!! JUST FOR YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. . which you can use to promote individual aspects of your business. Many email blast services also allow you to personalize your emails, by including the customer’s names!

And key to ay email marketing plan is to track responses.

Check the stats for your campaigns–both general and individual to see the number of opens, click-throughs for each.

And, encourage your customer community to share! your emails, to help you expand your customer base.