Testimonials are by far the most effective form of advertising. People are often skeptical about ad claims, but they almost always believe another customer.

How often does your patient/client say to you, “You are the best, thank you so much?” This is a free referral waiting to be utilized. This is your cue to take 1 minute to say would you mind putting that in writing? Who is going to say no? Nobody, they have just expressed their highest compliment to you.

Ask them to please stop at the desk upon exiting or if they are in a hurry have your staff follow up with an email request. Have your staff prepare a testimonial form and keep at the checkout desk. Put a note on the file to flag your staff to ask for the referral.

Also educate your staff to ask for referrals when they get feedback as well. Many times the staff will get the fabulous review because the patient/client knows that you are busy and does not want to keep you from your next patient/client.

Marketing your office should be a team effort since your business depends on repeat, new and referred business. Testimonials should be utilized in your waiting area in a nicely bound book, posted on your Website, Facebook  Business Page, LinkedIn, Twitter and Brochures. Free Marketing for your business!  For more Marketing Strategies to increase your business. Call us today for a free consultation.