Keeping your site visitors’ attention and engagement is vital!

How can you find out how effective your site is at supporting your business goals by nurturing sales??

Some key elements are:

How many visitors visit your site?

How many of these visitors are NEW how many are RETURN

How long visitors spend on your site.


Because it’s so important to ascertain how effective your site is, it’s important to know why visitors leave your site.

Your Google Analytics Dashboard can provide ongoing insights.

In this dashboard you’ll find your overall stats; bounce rate (how many visitors drop in and leave immediately), how long visitors stay, where these visitors go.

You can check individual page stats in the “Behaviors” section of your dashboard.

Use the drop-down menu, and click on “Site Content” and “All Pages.”

Here you’ll find stats for each of your individual pages.

(And, you should check these stats often!!)


These stats will help you figure out how effective each of your pages is in communicating your message.

You want to see your bounce rates low, and your time on the site high.

What are the most popular pages on your site? How long are visitors staying on each page?

Where are the visitors entering the site, and where are they leaving?

What products/services are being “sold” on each page.

Add this information to your sales data, you’ll have a better picture of what’s working and–as importantly–what’s not working!


Where are your visitors spending the most time AND supporting sales?

This means the visitor is finding what they came for! Congratulations.


If visitors are leaving quickly, OR spending time without buying, a rethink of the message may be in order.

Check your initial message (headline), check your page titles, check your search word/phrase density for each of your pages against Google keyword finders. Revise your messages–and your pages–until bounce rates are low, visit times are high and sales goals are being accomplished!