In the 2021 business climate, most businesses have spent time attention, and resources on creating a website.

Time and attention have, hopefully, also directed to configuring that website to best represent products and services available.


Now, the challenge is;

Once users are accessing the website. . .gaining and keeping attention is the game-changer.


Users often leave Web pages in 10–20 seconds, and that’s how long you have to capture someone’s attention on your website. If your site hasn’t generated interest in 15 seconds, then it probably isn’t going to. The user leaves. . . this is called “bounce rate.”


On most website-building platforms, business owners can access “backend” stats.

(Or, Google Analytics can be installed onto the site.)

These stats will provide info re:

How many visitors access the site in any given time frame (hours/days/months etc.)

What areas the visitor accesses (pages/info/products)

How long the visitors remain on the entire site

How long the visitors remain on any pages


A very important stat is:

How many visitors access the site for a few seconds, then leave. That’s the “bounce rate”.

It means, at first (and very important glance) the user is NOT finding what he/she is looking for.


How do you make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for, so they spend TIME on your site and eventually become buyers for your products and/or services??


First, the easy elements.

The name of the site should reflect the products/services of the business!

Keep the phone number and contact info and contact form HIGH on the site.


The most important, and probably the most difficult, is to create a HEADLINE for the site that states in a short, clear manner what you have to offer. (This is called your “value proposition). This is what will capture your site visitor, entice them to explore and dig deeper into your site.


More detailed info to come!!