Loyalty in business is one of the key factors that can make you STAND OUT in this very crowded world of business. Building relationships, nurturing those bonds and sticking with them over years is the way to grow trust within a brand, a business and its network. It’s this network that can give you your competitive edge in services and pricing.

Loyalty in business can be a way to keep your most dedicated staff on message. When you first start your business you will kick, scream and claw your way with blood, sweat and tears into a position to pitch for clients and win business. It’s this fight and determination that can make for a solid foundation to a successful business in the long haul. Within that comes the realization of the people who was there fighting with you from day one. Loyalty from staff has a real tangible effect in startup businesses. Having someone to rely on and share thoughts and tactics with can be invaluable but can also be very costly and messy to replace if you have to retrain a new “right hand man” (or lady) should the last one leave every 6-12 months. If they have been with you from day one they can share those stories, keeping you and the business true to its original core beliefs or values.

Loyalty in business is also a great way to grow together with other businesses. When you are first starting in business you can find other small business and lean on each others strengths. Maybe you are a sales machine but you lack the skills to put together a good graphics product. Maybe you already know someone that is great with design work but needs a referral system or a sales overhaul – this is the perfect chance to form connections and foster bonds that could help you both grow. Not only that, over time its those bonds that help you understand and trust that network you are building as you have a baked in awareness of what everyone brings to the table. These relationships could be the difference maker in winning clients and adding the flexibility you may need to deliver on value or quality for the customer.

In business it’s not always about outcompeting others, but collaborating may be the best course, and the best way to deliver real value to your customers. That quality and value might depend on the loyalty of your longest standing staff member or that business connection you’ve had in your back pocket for years.

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