Why Is Marketing Important? Well, there is no point in planning a wedding if you never invite the guests! And the same goes for your business.

For you to succeed in business you need to let people know how good you are and what services you offer. And this is where QUALITY MARKETING comes in!

What if you had the finest product line or the tastiest menu items, and no one bought them?

What if your customer service was so excellent it could put a five-star hotel to shame, but no one had the chance to experience it?

What if you launched a great business and no one knew about it?

Establishing an amazing business is merely the first step. Attracting customers requires skill and promotion.

While many small businesses believe marketing is similar to advertising, it’s actually much broader.

Marketing spans the entire process of delivering a product or service to a customer: from choosing which products to sell and where to sell them, to how to price and promote them.

At its most basic level, the “promotion” aspect of marketing spreads the word about your business.

That’s only the start, however!

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