While there are many, many sources businesses can tap for marketing input, most of these sources working with small business use cookie-cutter programs. At YML, we believe each business is unique. That “one-size-fits-all” templates do not serve small businesses well.

Which is why, at YML, we deploy a multi-step approach to defining each business we partner with to create the most effective in-depth game-plan. Before we start telling you what WE can do, we begin by asking YOU to tell us your story.

We ask you to tell us:

WHO you are: Your background, your skills, individual and group?

WHAT your Business does: What are your services, products, your methods.

WHY you are in Business: What is your vision, your passion, your focus.

HOW your Business came to be

WHERE your Business is located: Does your business serve a local area? Does it have –or could it have–an extended reach?

Thinking about, and responding to, these questions will create a three-dimension profile of your business.

Then, just like “dating”, we find compatible matches for your business

Who are your best customers, your best clients?

What industries are do they represent?

What products and services do they buy from your business?

How often? How much. How long?

How profitable are these best customers for your business?

Congrats! You have just created a BEST CUSTOMER profile!

What keeps them with you over the long haul is your unique relationship with them. Your business provides for them what they need, when they need it.

Sadly, though, over time, a fact of life is attrition. Customers fade away—even best customers—from moves, closures, and a score of other reasons. Because of this, successful business must always be scouting to create new relationships.

To find more best possible new relationships, to create MORE BEST customers, apply the BEST CUSTOMER profile to every potential prospect. If they fit the profile, they will probably be a good match. If they do not, could you be investing time and energy in a business relationship that will not work (for either of you)?

Sounds daunting. You are exhausted just thinking about it?

WE know YOU are crazy busy running your business, so WE can do this for you!

We can define the market for you; create the profile; troll for good matches by spreading your message (through field marketing, online marketing, social media, literature creation, SMS, and more), and bring those prospects to you.

Call or fill out the contact us form on our site. We are here, whenever you need us.