An online presence—the profile of a business on the internet—is a key essential for any business. Consumers will generally look before they buy. . . and today, 88 percent of consumers look online.

If you’re not online, where do they find you?

The basic starting point is a well-designed and information-rich website! Before building your website, think about what it will be called. Your “URL” (uniform resource locator) your domain-the name of your website—should not only reflect the name of your bricks and mortar business. It should also give consumers initial information about what your business offers. What is it your business provides?


Yes, you DO need to plan your site. Whether you believe a simple or a complex website start with an outline of what your business does.

A planning tool can be as simple as using a set of index cards to outline each component you would like to showcase. Put a title on each index card, for example:

Homepage. Introduce your business. Make absolutely certain your phone number, address, email address, are all top right. . easy to find. You have 3 seconds (right! 3 SECONDS) to capture your visitor before he/she moves on.

About Page: Tell the world about what you do, how you do it; why what you do in your universe is unique!

Products or Services Page. Bullet point each of your products and services with a short description.

Team Page: Highlight the key people in your business, and why they

Contact Page: Make it as seas as possible for your visitors to contact you! Make sure to list your business name, address, phone, fax, email, TEXT!! Number and include a contact form.

So, no matter what time of day, day or the week, or communication method your visitors prefer, you can accommodate their preference.

You can add descriptions to each of these pages, including “search terms” (key words consumers look). Arrange and rearrange the information until are satisfied you have an outstanding profile of your business.

As always, the YML Team would be delighted to assist!