Ruth is a PR in Vegas superstar and she has mastered the art of Public Relations on the local scale. Working in PR in Las Vegas has its own little nuances. Learning and working with these little quirks is the way you get to know your local scene and is something you use use to stand out where you are. Think niche, minorities and serve your audiences no matter where they hide from mothers, to hobbyists you will find someone who want to hear your news and see your products.

PR in Vegas just like local marketing is a tried-and-true way to reach consumers, and it can create a tremendous amount of buzz for your biz – whether you’re a national brand or a single-location company. Advertise locally and you put yourself in front of a more relevant audience – especially if your business is local. When posting updates on your social media accounts, be sure those articles make their way to county or city newsletters, which can be found through an Internet search.

When you market at the local level, you’re going to find yourself shaking hands with area business and government leaders, and those partnerships can prove quite fruitful when it comes to expanding your business. You might hear about commercial real estate opening up and events you can use for marketing purposes. To initiate those relationships, you could attend a digital marketing workshop hosted by your local chamber of commerce and reach out to other marketers.

Plenty of folks are spending and investing more money to advertise locally, mainly because of recent economic struggles. Just ask all of the people now banking at local credit unions instead of national banks. If, for example, you get your company to sponsor a kids’ softball team by springing for the jerseys, not only do you get your name out there, you show that you truly care about the families in your locale. That can generate a lot more foot traffic and ultimately revenues.

When it comes to growing your business, medical practice or law practice we’ve got you covered! Our specialty is helping YOU stand out and reach more customers.