Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Championed by Google, Progressive Web Apps are set to explode as an option for brands to increase traffic and conversions on mobile.

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Unlike mobile apps that can take up a lot of storage space on your mobile device/phone, Progressive Web Apps take up far less space, on average. Also, if your customers have lots of apps on their mobile device, they could save a significant amount of storage and bandwidth (from downloading apps).

Most of all, Progressive Web Apps offer all the killer features of a mobile app. Features like notifications, location services, offline support, etc. All without the drain on your clients’ storage and bandwidth.

Progressive Web Apps are a complete mobile solution suited for small to medium-sized businesses, legal practices, and medical practices.

Links to PWAs for Griff’s Bar & Billiards and Your Marketing Liaison below.

Progressive Web Apps: A Complete Mobile Solution

Easy to Find

Easily identified by search engines, allowing the app to appear in the search results.

Progressive Web Apps are a Google initiative and therefore fantastic for SEO.

No Downloading

Launched straight from a URL without customers needing to download it from an app store.

Added to Mobile Home Screen

Instant return access for ALL your customers

Imagine, your logo on ALL your customers’ mobile devices!

“Making the experience of your mobile site radically better by building a PWA, helps you engage and retain users who were formerly just passing by.”

– Google.

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