You need to learn to reward yourself and your staff to help motivate yourself in this long marathon of entrepreneurship. It is so easy to overlook or to forget to reward yourself for all your hard work, but something as simple as a small break, an hour to yourself, a massage, a glass of your favourite wine… it’s a little reward for yourself.

It is also important to reward your staff as well. Employee recognition plays an important role in a company’s culture and rewarding staff for their hard work has a number of benefits for both parties. Showing your staff you appreciate them can increase productivity, encourage teamwork and even help you to attract talented new recruits to your business. So can you really afford not to be showing your gratitude?

Rewarding to Boosting morale

No one wants to feel underappreciated at work and rewarding staff is important for keeping up morale. When employees feel like they’re being recognised for their efforts, they’ll likely be happier in their role – and as a result, your business. There are a number of ways you can reward your staff, but introducing fun or interesting incentives can really help to create a great working environment.

Nowadays, more emphasis is being placed on workplace perks and reward schemes, with many businesses investing in schemes or platforms for employee recognition. For example, team building cooking classes from Seasoned Cookery School are a unique and effective way to treat staff and give them a chance to enjoy activities as a team.

Reward to Increasing productivity

Ultimately, staff that enjoy their job and feel appreciated by their employer will be more productive. This goes for big and small victories. Rewarding staff doesn’t always have to mean a costly gesture; a simple thank you email will also go a long way. It’s a no-brainer really! If you hope to keep staff operating at maximum productivity, be sure to acknowledge the hard work they’re already putting in.

You can also use rewards to ensure staff are working in line with the overall aims of the business. This is where setting targets can be very useful. By setting individual or team targets, you can ensure that employees are operating at maximum productivity to reach a shared goal.

What’s more, rewarding the best performing teams is a great way to promote friendly competition across the business. Shared targets can drive the team to work closer together and promote teamwork – something which is beneficial to the workforce. This also means that together they can achieve better results, once again increasing productivity for the business.

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