Sheri Wells-Realtor
I highly recommend Ginger Allen in more than one way. I have been working for her and side by side with her in the real estate world for 4 years now. I have never come across a more driven individual to go above and beyond for her agents and clients. The support we have in our office is like finding a needle in a haystack anywhere else. Ginger is constantly finding new ways to add to our business and simplify our work. Ginger is also a fan of “Go Green” so she made it an office goal to participate with all other business around us making our earth a healthier environment.

Last but not least, if you are working with Ginger as a buyer, seller or renter; then without a doubt you are in the BEST hands. Not only does she know the market by the back of her hands but she is more than honest and will not sugar coat anything for a sale. I love listening to her work with her clients because regardless of my experience in residential real estate, I ALWAYS learn from her…she has been a mentor to many in my office and cares tremendously for all her clients and her agents. I know when season is here because all of them must stop in with a simple Hello and a friendly hug.

Ginger Allen~as a business owner, a real estate agent, a sales manager, a mentor, she is also a very dear friend to myself and many. If you are working with Ginger Allen, you’re in the best hands! Thank you Ginger for all that you have done to help further my career, the last 4 years have been a gift to get to know you. Your Real Estate agent for life~Sheri Lynn Wells