One of the things that has helped me picture and achieve my long term success is the art of visualization. If i imagine me reaching my goal I can practice the steps I need to achieve that goal, and motivate myself along the way.

Your brain is constantly using visualization in the process of simulating future experiences, but this process happens so naturally that you generally aren’t even aware of it, the same way you usually aren’t aware that you are breathing. If you aren’t aware of it then you aren’t actively directing the process. You can learn to use visualization to actively create future simulations that can help you improve the goals that you set for yourself.

You can create two types of simulations, outcome and process. An outcome simulation is a sensory-based representation of the final outcome you expect, and a process situation involves simulating the steps that get you to the final outcome. Research shows that to get the most benefit from simulations, it is best to use both types together. Also, as you create your simulation using the participant perspective instead of the observer perspective has been shown to be most effective. You don’t want to see yourself in the simulation, you want to see it through your eyes as if you are a part of the simulated experience.

Using simulation can improve your motivation and increase your belief in your ability to achieve a goal.