Growing a business can be hard but PR is important to help you get your name out there and then the reputation building can begin to open those doors you need for a chance at new clients and opportunities. This week we sit down with Ruth and talk about the importance of PR and what she has learned over the years.

Public Relations or PR is Important as it is a very powerful tool. If you want to get people to know who you are and what your business offer then PR is a sure fire way to spread the word and open your brand up to the wider public.

Public relations boosts an organization’s credibility, because it’ll operate through numerous trusted intermediaries. Plus, these intermediaries communicate to a certain audience which looks to them to filter out all nonsense. If messages are chosen to be communicated, they’ll gain credibility due to the intermediaries’ credibility.

With advertising, it’s possible to calculate the responses and audience impact which you have. It is similar to a controlled experiment which is being done repeatedly. Public relations is less predictable due to you having to get the intermediary to comprehend your important message points and reiterate them in his/her messages. It means cautiously aligning them with an intermediary’s messages. It’ll mean knowing his needs and your audience’s needs and where your business and its messages fit within that environment.