Some businesses seem to forget about social media or think it’s not really a necessity for their business, however without social media how else could you promote your company for practically free?

It’s quite easy to hand out leaflets, pay for advertisement but how many people will actually notice and will it even be seen by most of the public? You could be wasting a lot of money.

The answer is social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram (and many more), are all free social platforms. Why wouldn’t you use them?

Millions of people across the world all have an account on either of these useful sites, publishing your products and promoting your business is more likely to be seen and taken notice of.

Some businesses and professionals are afraid to start using social media as they don’t have much experience with social networking sites. But, social networking is so much simpler than you think.

You can ask people for help, search for instructions online on how to use them, or simply work it out for yourself.

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are brilliant for businesses such as clothing, make-up, jewellery, artists, etc., as you can continuously publish photos/videos of your work. You can choose to be seen globally, locally or just by your friends/followers online.

Also customers can see more of the real you which will help create trust, build reliability and show you’re genuine. Any type of business can and should be on at least one social media site.

The internet is such a daily used tool nowadays that your business will be likely to be seen.

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