Never underestimate the power of a good business card, flyer or brochure. In the ever increasingly digital world there is a lot of charm and personalized edge to printed marketing these days. You can make your potential client feel special and take you more seriously if you can shake their hand and give them a physical, printed portfolio for them to hold in their very own hands. 

Over the last 10 to 15 years, printed marketing technology has drastically changed workplace attitudes and processes. Mobile devices, CRM systems, cloud computing and big data have all left their marks on the way we work, run businesses and ‘do’ marketing.

According to McKinsey, technology drives business value in four ways, by enhancing connectivity, automating manual tasks, improving decision making, and innovating products and services. With advancements in digital printing, corporate printing can now benefit from such value creation.

The rise of digital printing has given marketers the ability to carry out small, targeted on-demand print runs and, as an industry, is set to grow to a mammoth $300bn (£266bn) by 2024. This is a big change from the days of mass offset printing, when marketing materials had to be produced in large quantities in order to achieve any type of cost efficiency, but there is still much change to come.

The print industry is 50 times the size of the music industry and growing rapidly thanks, in no small part, to the marketing industry, which continues to grow and evolve print alongside the plethora of established and emerging digital channels.