You’ve made it through the toughest time imaginable and had to adapt. To emerge from the daily routine and reimagine what comes next. RIGHT NOW, your practice has the unique opportunity to THRIVE!

  • to proactively plan
  • assess strengths and weaknesses
  • review and revise

Now is the time to enthusiastically reach out to the marketplace with stronger, sleeker processes in place.

But, where to start? Start with us, and the team at Your Marketing Liaison. First, we’ll address the important considerations


  • Where is my practice now? Let’s do a financial analysis of how your practice is performing now.
  • Where do I want my practice to go? Let’s set some realistic goals. What needs to be done and in what order.
  • How do we get there from here? Let’s put an achievable market development plan in place.


What’s the state of the market now, where will it be headed in the next 3 months, six months, the next year?

How will revenue recover?

How will operations recover?

What needs to change?

What opportunities do we have now?



Digital communication has emerged and the “new normal”.

How vital is the digital marketing arena (Hint: vital!)

As more positions become “work from home”, how do we reach those patients.

What’s most important to communicate and how should the message be communicated.


We are a successful market planning, business development, marketing, digital, financial planning and management, practice management, practice assessment & billing coalition.


We can help answer your questions, put plans in place, and most importantly—work those plans.

We can help you assess your practice management, market development, and financial needs.

We are dedicated to working tirelessly with your practice to THRIVE!